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This is tentative and won’t be in effect for the trial round (unlike you tag like lightning, then... hit me up), but here’s the gist:

For every 20-comment thread (or, at least, 10 unique comments from your character in particular, and you can use the thread you used for weekly check-in), your character will receive a stack of Hell Money! What’s that, you ask? Read about Hell Money here. Basically, in Chinese belief, when people burn joss paper money (or “Hell Money”), the money will reach their loved ones in the afterlife and ensure their afterlife prosperity. So, it looks like some people in the living world still care about you! Wow!

However, other than Hell Money, other joss paper goods can be burnt. Such as joss paper cars, houses, even servants... or iPhones... “Wait, then why am I just getting these shitty pieces of paper when I can’t even buy anything with it?!”

You see, Meng Po has decided that none of you are good enough to get all the ludicrous luxury stuff your loved ones are keeping for you, and has decided to keep it all. Where do you think she got all those televisions in the cafeteria? However, you can still turn in your stacks of Hell Money for potential regains!

There are many Guardian Lion statues lying around everywhere in the gardens. Feed them your Hell Money, and they will spit out an item! There is a 20% chance of it being a regain. However, it is not guaranteed it is YOUR regain.

Female Guardian Lion statues typically have a cub at their paws. If you feed a female Guardian Lion statue, you are more likely to get your own regain. Male Guardian Lion statues have a ball at their paws instead. Feeding a male Guardian will make you more likely to get someone else’s regain, though you cannot specify whose regain in particular.

In the apps, you will be asked to list out 10 regains maximum that would you like to have. Though, remember that the more you list out, the less likely you are to regain a single one in particular! Regains cannot grant back magical power, but they can be used as weapons for murder. Other than regains, there will be other items that pop out that aren’t totally useless: sometimes, knives... poison...

Therefore, all comments on the regain post will be screened and only unscreened after the game ends.

Comment with the thread link, who it was with and whether you’d like to feed a male or female lion!