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NPC Profiles

(Note: Other than these main NPCs, there are many other Gardeners who tend to the area. Some look very human, while some are... stranger... than others. Most are not very talkative, and while they will help do chores and such if asked, it is difficult to hold a conversation with them.)

B A S I C S;
Name: Meng Po (孟婆)
Title(s): Lady of Forgetfulness; Brewer of the Oblivion Broth; Old Hag (by Xiao Bai)
Age: “As old as life”
Gender: Female
Species: ...Human-shaped
PB: Janine Chang (Xu Hui from The Empress of China)
P L A Y E R;
Name: Timpeni
Contact: If you need her, [ profile] Timpeni or Timpeni#3109 on Discord.

MENG PO; the lady of forgetfulness.

Originally residing in the 10th layer of Hell, Meng Po (or “Lady of Dreams”) is the goddess in charge of making sure no one remembers their past lives before reincarnation. She creates a special tea by collecting ingredients from ponds and streams around the living world, before brewing it in Hell to create the Five Flavoured Tea of Forgetfulness, or simply Meng Po Soup (孟婆汤). If you are due to be reincarnated as a human, the best possible result, your tea will be sweet and delicious; however, if you are bound for life as an insect or such, you tea will be bitter, or perhaps even salty.

All who drink the tea will forget their past lives. There is no cure, though the Buddha is claimed to have regained memories of past lives through meditation. Meng Po claims that is nonsense, and her tea has no antidote.

Recently, Meng Po has been granted a youthful appearance for the first time in several hundred millennia and sent to oversee the lost souls in Peach Blossom Spring. She seems particularly happy about this, seeing that a peaceful existence here is a much-needed respite from spending eons in the 10th layer of Hell.

Though graceful in appearance and elegant in nature, she has a very prideful side and a somewhat sadistic streak that doesn’t need much to spring out. Still, she is the fairest overseer anyone can ask for, and will not side with anyone in this game of elimination. Other than that, she makes sure that no one dies (a second time) from any stupidity which doesn’t count as murder.

Should anyone need her, she can be easily called by asking any Gardener (politely!) to see her. Though many Gardeners do not speak much (other than Xiao Bai), they will diligently go fetch her. She will be glad to explain any part of Chinese legend, how Hell works, or other queries. Otherwise, she always offers to play Xiangqi (象棋, Chinese chess), even though she honestly finds it boring. She's very good at it.

She acts as the Trial Overseer. She is the one who counts votes and orders executions, or 'Hell Sentences'. Though she may severely judge and be very much against any decision to exonerate, she will still allow it to happen. Similarly, she is always aware of who the true murderer is, despite not being witness to the murder in person: again, she will not intervene even if she sees that everyone is going off the wrong trail... as much as she dearly wants to.

B A S I C S;
Name: Xiao Bai (小白)
Title(s): She's not qualified for any yet
Age: ~300
Gender: Female
Species: Snake spirit, has a human form
PB: Hirose Narumi from Bloody Junkie
P L A Y E R;
Name: Eon
Contact: EonFlamewing#3502 on discord!!

XIAO BAI; the overworked retail slave.

A white snake spirit and the most vocal one of all the Gardeners. Xiao Bai has served in the Garden for more than a hundred years, making her the most experienced as well, thus she is given free(er) reign to speak her mind and interact with the lost souls. She is Actually Young, something that she's not hesitant to remind her superior about whenever more work is shoved onto her.

She works at Peach Blossom Spring due to the cut-off minimum for working in Heaven being raised to 500 years of ascetic practice. It's not so bad if you're assigned to the upper layers of Hell, which is why she's been here for a century or so. She's diligent and has familiarized herself with many procedures for when a soul goes out of control (plucking a flower from That Tree, trying to escape, asking her to smuggle them out etc). While she's nicer than Meng Po, it's not a good idea to irritate her because she's the one upkeeping your rooms too.

If asked, she may tell you that she works here to earn spirituality and good karma, which will go towards making herself credible enough to marry her boyfriend - a stunningly handsome (her own words) dragon working in the South Sea as weather control. He also has to pull a lot of overtime trying to prevent typhoons from appearing too frequently and killing humans, so the two of them have not had the time to meet and instead exchange letters. Global warming is real, kids.

Please don't make her life any more exhausting than it already is.